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Zack King
Rising singer-songwriter Zack King helps you feel like not alone in this crazy world. Zack's indie and alternative-rock style music is meant for whatever life throws at us - the good and the bad. Zack's songs hit home with his listeners because they’re heartfelt, vulnerable, and honest - giving his listeners someone they can relate with. 

The Minneapolis, Minnesota-based artist just released "Butterfly Face", his first single in 9 months. 

“Have you ever met someone that’s opened your eyes to the world around you? Someone who takes the gray out of your dull skies, and replaces them with happiness and hope? “Butterfly Face” is about meeting that special someone that sets you free. When you see her, you feel like you’re able to finally break out of your shell, or open up from your cocoon; like a butterfly.”

Looking in the future, Zack plans to release his first 5 song EP in 2021. Moving on from a past life, Zack has a lot to get off his chest. 
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